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Saturday Storms to Disrupt College Football

Raincoats and ponchos may replace jerseys and sports gear for college football fans across the East this weekend.

Showers and thunderstorms will stretch from Maine to Florida and across Oklahoma on Saturday andSaturday night, affecting dozens of games and tens of thousands of tailgates.

Fans and players alike should prepare for the unsettled weather, especially for games set to be held later in the day when the thunderstorm threat is highest.

Although a widespread, steady rain is not expected anywhere across this large area, heavy thunderstorms may still drench fans and players and make for a damp and humid game.

Frequent lightning accompanying the storms may also bring dangers to those outdoors. In some cases, this can even lead to temporary stoppages in games.

This was the case last Saturday for several games when strong thunderstorms caused delays in play. In one case, a thunderstorm caused a game to be terminated.

These showers and storms may impact some of the biggest college games of the week, including Ole Miss at Vanderbilt, Akron at Penn State, and Florida Atlantic at Alabama.

Fans should keep in mind that if they can hear thunder, they are close enough to be struck by lighting. If you can see the lightning or hear the associated clap of thunder, you should seek shelter until the storm has passed.

Lightning can strike several miles away from the storm itself, putting you in danger if you are out in the open.

In addition to the threat of thunderstorms, 90-degree heat paired with high humidity will make for a hot day for players and fans alike.

This will send RealFeel® temperatures into the triple digits for several hours during the afternoon.

It is advised that you stay hydrated by drinking water to avoid illnesses such as dehydration.