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Norbert to Bring High Surf to California This Weekend

Hurricane Norbert continues to churn, threatening the shorelines of Southern California. Norbert is expected to begin a gradual weakening trend late on Friday as it moves over increasingly cooler waters.

"Given the proximity to land, the storm will bring large waves and swells to the coast from Baja California of Mexico into Southern California," Meteorologist Randy Adkins said.

Some minor coastal flooding is possible from San Diego up to Point Conception, and dangerous rip currents are likely, especially over the weekend, he added.

Conditions will improve early next week, though rip currents may pose a risk through Monday.

"Some slight strengthening is possible [Thursday night], but thereafter Norbert should begin to weaken," Adkins said. "It is very possible Norbert is as strong as it will get right now."

Currently the hurricane remains a category 1, with maximum sustained wind gusts of 90 mph.

However, with cooler waters just to the west of Baja California, gradual weakening is likely through the weekend as Norbert moves parallel to the peninsula.

Norbert strengthened from a tropical storm into into a Category 1 hurricane Wednesday evening. The storm developed just off the coast of southwest Mexico on Tuesday and will impact Mexico, mainly northwestern Mexico, into the weekend.