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VIDEO: Excited Labrador Plunges Into Sea, Cools off From Sicily Heat

Walter, a four-year-old Labrador, was captured in a viral video bounding from his house in Sicily, Italy, to plunge into the Mediterranean to cool off.

Siracusa, Sicily, located on the east coast of the Italian island has a warm, dry climate during the summer months.

High temperatures average between 80 and 90 degrees F (27-32 C) with less than an inch of rain (25 millimeters) on average during the stretch from June through August.

This summer has been no exception with dry weather prevailing most days. Only 0.49 of an inch (12 millimeters) of rain has fallen over the past three months in Catania, along the east coast of Sicily.

With plenty of sunshine and warm days, Sicily's beaches are a vacation hot spot.

Many people escape the warmth of the day by slipping into Mediterranean Sea, and sometimes they are joined by pets as well.

In the video below, Walter plunges into the Mediterranean on Sept. 1 as the high climbed into the low 90s F (33 C).

Here is another angle of Walter's dash and splash in the Mediterranean Sea.