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Flooding Expected in Mexico as Norbert Strengthens

Tropical Storm Norbert has developed just off the coast of southwest Mexico.

Prior to being named a tropical storm, impacts were already being felt across southwest Mexico and locally heavy rain will continue to impact the states of Michoacan, Colima, Jalisco and Nayarit through Wednesday.

"Rainfall of 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) is expected with local amounts over 125 mm (5 inches), according to Accuweather Meteorologist Rob Miller.

While flooding will be the biggest concern, heavy rain falling on the rugged terrain of the region can trigger mudslides.

The strengthening storm is expected to track toward the northwest through the middle of the week but then begin to weaken during the second half of the week as it interacts with much cooler water to the west of Baja California.

Despite slowly weakening later in the week, tropical moisture will be pulled across Baja California and northern Mexico fueling widespread daily thunderstorms. These storms will be capable of producing flash flooding in southern Baja California and the mountains of northern Mexico.

Some of this moisture will also be pulled into the southwestern United States where flooding is expected to be more isolated than what occurs in Mexico.

The storm will continue to track northwest late this week, farther from land, and begin to weaken over the weekend and early next week as it interacts with much cooler water temperatures.