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Monsoonal Rains Return to Northwest India

A monsoonal low has brought heavy rainfall to parts of western India through Monday, and heavy rain will shift into the northwest lasting through at least Friday.

While heavy rain and flooding are expected, the rain will be mostly beneficial since the monsoon withdrew from these areas more than two weeks ago.

Fears were rising that the monsoon may have ended early for the year across northwest India after arriving 2-4 weeks late.

From Sunday into Monday, more than 200 millimeters (8 inches) of rain fell in Ratnagiri, while just to the north, Mumbai received more than 125 millimeters (5 inches) of rain during the same time period.

The heaviest rain will shift into Gujarat and Rajasthan beginning Tuesday. Rainfall amounts through Friday of 50-100 millimeters (2-4 inches) will be common with isolated amounts exceeding 150 millimeters (6 inches).

The greatest threat for flooding will be centered across Gujarat where rainfall of 25-50 millimeters (1-2 inches) already fell on Sunday and Monday.

Daily rounds of heavy rain in these region will enhance the threat for flooding each day.

Another area that could experience flooding is northeast Pakistan and far northwest India, including the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himanchal Predesh, Punjab, Haryana and Uttaranchal.

Locally heavy rain will fall over this region on Thursday and Friday, with amounts over 100 millimeters (4 inches) possible.

The monsoon will retreat from most of the northwest next week; however, a new monsoon low could bring another round of heavy rainfall to areas from western Maharastra to Gujarat.