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Sunday Storms to Soak Ohio Valley

A northward push of tropical moisture will deliver showers and thunderstorms to the Tennessee and Ohio valleys through Sunday night.

Showers and thunderstorms are expected to affect this area throughout a good portion of Sunday, making residents and holiday visitors reach for their umbrellas and raincoats.

This could also impact early Labor Day festivities in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Nashville, Tennessee. Some showers and thunderstorms will also stretch across the Northeast and the St. Lawrence River Valley.

Urban flooding and travel delays should be anticipated across this area due to the torrential downpours associated with the showers and storms.

Although severe weather is not expected to become widespread across the Ohio and Tennessee valleys on Sunday, a few gusty thunderstorms cannot be ruled out.

The system responsible for this batch of rain and thunderstorms has a history of producing substantial rainfall.

On Saturday, Lake Charles, Louisiana, received 7.87 inches of rain resulting in flooding in the city and surrounding areas.

While it is unlikely that locations across the Ohio Valley receive this much rain on Sunday, those across the region should still be on alert for flooding downpours.

Flooding in Lake Charles after Saturday's rain.

There is good news for those with outdoor plans scheduled to take place on Labor Day.

Most of the shower and thunderstorm activity is expected to shift eastward by Monday, leaving behind only spotty afternoon thunderstorms for the Ohio and Tennessee valleys.

The spotty storms can still cause interruptions for barbecues and sporting events set to take place during the afternoon. These storms will likely be brief, allowing for festivities to resume after the storm blows over.

Looking ahead past the extended holiday weekend, a weakening cold front moving in from the Plains will deliver another round of showers and thunderstorms for Tuesday.