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POLL: Are You Ready for Fall?

With Labor Day around the corner, the unofficial start of fall is set to begin. The cooler-than-normal summer that swept parts of the country has left some people with more to be desired. Others, however, are already in the swing of fall.

Because of a seemingly chillier summer for many, cooler temperatures may have pushed fall into the forefront of everyone's minds.

The upcoming season is already a huge trend on social sharing sites like Pinterest. Users by the thousands can be seen "pinning" fall fashion, future Thanksgiving recipes and decorating tips. Christine Schirmer, head of consumer public relations for the company, said that fall fashion is a particularly prominent query for the site and as of last week was a top 10 interest for users.

"Last year the trending queries for Halloween costumes began in August and we're seeing that pattern again in 2014," she said.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

While the popular Starbucks drink is in the midst of controversy over not actually containing any real pumpkin, the beverage brings a social media frenzy throughout the fall season. The drink hit Starbucks locations across the country Aug. 26 to the pure delight of some who are ready to usher autumn in with a seasonal taste.

Halloween Candy

In late-August, grocery stores were already prepping for the rush to stock up on Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. While some may have welcomed the chocolate-shaped pumpkins and classic candy corn, other were not ready for the heavy reminder that summer is ending soon.

Fall Decorations

Even Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has started decorating early as pumpkin Mickey Mouses and cornucopias can been seen in abundance throughout the park.

Christmas Decorations

Large retailers are known to push Christmas merchandise early. Some have even displayed Christmas goods in the heat of August.