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Dose of Soaking Rain to Spread Across Europe

After a ridge of high pressure provided largely dry conditions across Great Britain, Ireland and France on Sunday, another fast-moving area of low pressure will bring spells of rain, some heavy, across the region beginning Monday leading to the threat of isolated flooding.

The heaviest rain on Monday will fall across Wales, southern England and along the northern coast of France. 15-40 mm (0.50-1.50 inches) of rain will fall in these areas. This includes Dublin, Ireland and London, England.

Already this month, rainfall has been well above average across Ireland, Wales and England with some locations receiving twice as much rain as usual. Shawbury, England has seen over twice as much rain as they can expect to see through this point of the month. In London, rainfall is 169 percent of normal for the month.

Because of the above-average rain early this month and the threat for additional rain, Meteorologist Tyler Roys says, "Locations across Ireland and southern Britain will be at the greatest threat for isolated flooding." He went on to say, "A minor flood threat is also present in northern France."

Any flooding should be confined to low lying and poor drainage areas.

Because of the threat of heavy rain, the United Kingdom's Met Office have issued a Yellow Warning for rain across Wales and the southern half of England.

In addition to the threat for heavy rain, the low pressure system will also bring gusty winds and chilly temperatures to Ireland and southern England. During Monday afternoon, wind will gust 50-65 kph (30-40 mph) and high temperatures will struggle to rise much above 16-19 C (middle 60s F). In London, ReelFeel temperatures will only climb as high as 15 C (59 F).

Rain will quickly spread across central Europe on Tuesday and will bring soggy conditions from France and Germany into southern Poland and the Czech Republic. While the rain will not be heavy in most location, Roys points out that there could be locally heavy rain in the western Alps in southeastern France as moisture is pushed up agains the mountains.

Much like across the United Kingdom, temperatures will be cool, not reaching 20 C (68 F) across Germany and Poland. Temperatures will only be in the low 20s C (near 70 F) in central and northern France. This is several degrees below average for the region.

Clouds and light rain will linger across southern England and Wales into Tuesday.