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London, Paris, Berlin to Stay Cool Through the Weekend

A fresh shot of cool air will keep temperatures below normal throughout northern Europe into this weekend.

Cool spells have definitely not been the norm across Europe this summer, but that is exactly what London, Paris, Berlin and other parts of northern Europe are in the midst of.

Temperatures have been held to 20 C (68 F) or less at London since Monday. That will continue to be the case through at least the weekend as the passage of a cold front opens the door for fresh cool air to pour in.

A high of 21.1 C (70 F) is more common this time of year.

Also through the weekend, temperatures will fail to reach the normal high of 23.3 C (74 F) in Paris and 22.2 C (72 F) in Berlin.

Other cities set to stay cool during the next few days include Dublin, Ireland; Brussels, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Hamburg, Germany; and Zurich, Switzerland.

While the fresh cool air settles over Europe, the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland will continue to be closely monitored for an eruption and the possible travel impacts that would result in the path of its ash.

Accompanying the fresh cool air into northern Europe will be showers, which will create headaches for those with outdoor plans and sporting events.

According to Meteorologist Tyler Roys, the air will be cold enough that a few places in the Scottish Highlands will even get a taste of winter.

"In the very high terrain of the Scottish Highlands, I would not be surprised to hear reports of snowflakes Friday night."

Steadier rain will likely unfold from Austria to eastern Poland and neighboring parts of Ukraine and Belarus for the second half of the weekend as the fresh cool air presses across more of central Europe.

Residents of northern and central Europe have not had to experience many cool spell this summer. Temperatures instead averaged above normal from June 1 to Aug. 17 in most communities.

The temperature departure from normal in London during that period was +2.2 degrees C (+3.9 F) in London, +1.8 degrees C (+3.2 F) in Berlin, +0.3 degrees C (+0.5 F) in Paris.