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Buenos Aires: Month-Long Drought, Warmth to End

The unusual warmth in Buenos Aires will soon be replaced by the city's first measurable rain in a month and cooler temperatures.

A shower or thunderstorm will return to Buenos Aires through Friday as a cold front lifts northward, erasing the springlike warmth that spanned this week.

Gone on Friday will be the temperatures that have been soaring 10 to 12 degrees C (around 20 degrees F) above normal since Monday at Buenos Aires' Ministro Pistarini/Ezeiza International Airport. While the days have been above normal, wind flowing in off the water has prevented the coast from getting as warm as the interior.

A high of 15.8 C (61 F) is more common this time of year.

Instead, temperatures will be held to around 20.5 C (70 F) on Friday and Buenos Aires will receive its first measurable rainfall since 7.9 mm (0.31 of an inch) was recorded on July 22.

All but one of the days that followed through Aug. 20 have been dry. On Aug. 3, a little rain dampened the city but was too light to measure. Typically, Buenos Aires receives 59.8 mm (2.35 inches) of rain from July 23 through Aug. 20.

The shower or thunderstorm through Friday should be followed by steadier rain and a thunderstorm Saturday through Saturday night as a storm system and its stronger cold front swings through central Argentina.

"The potential exists for Buenos Aires to get more than 25 mm (an inch) of rain, but that depends on the exact track of the storm system. The heaviest rain may miss the city just to the south," stated Meteorologist Eric Leister.

Regardless of the exact amount of rain that falls through Saturday, cooler air will rush into Buenos Aires in the rain's wake to end the weekend. A more seasonable high of 17 C (63 F) is expected for Sunday.

Residents will once again be grabbing jackets and long-sleeved shirts out of their closets before heading outside on Monday with temperatures set to be held to only 14 C (57 F).

Brisk winds will create even lower RealFeel® temperatures.