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VIDEO: Waterspout Whirls Near Genoa, Italy

In the commune of Cogoleto, 16 miles west of Genoa, Italy, a storm system spawned at least one waterspout around noon, local time.

"It's not unprecedented since the Mediterranean Basin gets them now and then," Meteorologist Jim Andrews said, adding that the waterspout was likely a tornado created by a supercell thunderstorm.

"Italy is no stranger to tornadoes," he said.

Waterspouts tend to break up quickly when they hit the shoreline, but tornadoes over water are stronger and can cause more damage as the vortex moves inland.

Post by Davide Marcenaro.

"The storm likely moved across the area from west-southwest to east-northeast," Meteorologist Erik Pindrock said, adding that the observed wind gusts near the region were around 30 mph at the time of the storms.

Post by Roberto Gozzi.