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More Than 180 Die in Flooding Across India and Nepal

Recent heavy rains have left more than 180 people dead across northern India and neighboring Nepal since last week.

Flood waters have submerged hundreds of villages across the region leaving thousands without shelter, according to the Associated Press.

Rainfall in the northern Indian city of Gorakhpur totaled over 10 inches (250 mm) during the second half of last week.

India is currently in the midst of its yearly monsoon season, in which most of the nation's rain falls.

This time of the year often turns deadly as torrential rains unleashed over the same areas often leads to flooding and mudslides.

Most roads into the hardest-hit areas remain submerged, cutting villages off from most outside aid. Helicopters are being used in an attempt to get supplies to these people.

The heaviest rainfall will shift south and east of the flooded areas this week; however, the area could still experience more heavy rainfall before the monsoon withdraws in September.

Heavy rains earlier this month caused a mudslide in Nepal that killed more than 150 people as most of a village was destroyed.