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VIDEO: Severe Storm Sends Concert Tent Flying at Montana County Fair

Fans hoping to catch popular Australian rock artist Rick Springfield at a Montana county fair were startled by fierce storms with high winds that destroyed tents and equipment, canceling the show.

Set to play on Saturday, Aug. 16, at the Fallon County Fair, set in Baker, Montana, Springfield captured video of the storms that he said damaged guitars and amps. Tents were completely blown over as attendees were stranded outside during the howling winds.

"Within minutes, wind was literally roaring," AccuWeather Meteorologist Jim Andrews said.

Post by Rick Springfield.

Skies erupted in lightning around 6 p.m. MST followed by slashing rain and severe winds. Sustained winds were over 40 mph and one gust was measured at 64 mph, certainly strong enough to dismantle tents and other interim structures.

"That's the problem with having events outdoors in temporary structures," Andrews said. "The odds are small enough that it's done all the time, but every now and then something like this happens and things go wrong."

Though Springfield may have felt the robust winds and seen the gray, grim skies associated with a tornado, no tornadic activity has been confirmed.

"There is no evidence of a tornado as it looks like there was no rotation at all," AccuWeather Meteorologist Mark Paquette said.

In addition to the damage done to the fairgrounds, the county sheriff office reported of multiple downed tree branches and one tree being completely uprooted.

No injuries were reported.