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Winds to Cool United Kingdom This Weekend

One week after the United Kingdom was slammed by once-Hurricane Bertha, a potent storm will kick up brisk winds this weekend.

The winds will develop in a north-to-south fashion during the weekend as the storm drops from the northern Atlantic Ocean to the North Sea.

Dublin will turn breezy on Saturday, followed by London on Sunday.

In general, the winds will create a nuisance for those with outdoor plans and a chill in the air.

Actual high temperatures will be held to the upper teens C (60s F) in most communities with southern England climbing into the lower 20s C (around the 70-degree mark F). The winds will occasionally create lower RealFeel® temperatures.

However, gusts to 65 kph (40 mph) threaten to whip the northern and western coasts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Such winds could cause minor tree damage and sporadic power outages, as well as blowing around and damaging loose lawn items.

"The most likely time frame for winds of this magnitude will be Saturday night and the first part of Sunday," stated Meteorologist Rob Richards.

Making the weekend even less ideal for outdoor plans will be periods of rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland. A shower or two will even drift to Dublin and London on Sunday, briefly interfering with weekend activities.

Some rain will also spread to the Netherlands, northern Germany, Denmark and southern Scandinavia for the second half of the weekend.

The storm will keep the United Kingdom unsettled on Monday with another shower or two.