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Heavy Rain Causes Landslide, Derails Train in Switzerland

A storm system that has brought wet weather over the past several days throughout central Europe turned damaging.

A landslide in the Alps near the Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz derailed three cars on a passenger train. The Associated Press reported that 140 people were on board at the time of the accident and as many as 11 were injured.

According to the AP, the landslide hit the train as it was traveling between two tunnels along a valley.

Areas across Switzerland received intense rainfall. Some of the highest totals over the last day include, Locarno-Monti: 135 mm, Cimetta: 106 mm, Magadino: 94 mm, San Bernadino: 72 mm, Grono: 54 mm and Hinterrhein: 54 mm.

Also on Wednesday, French officials told the AP that six french climbers died in a fall after attempting to climb Mount Blanc. High winds reportedly played a factor in their deaths.