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Attempts to Climb Mount Blanc Turn Fatal

Five hikers are dead and one other is missing after attmpts to climb Mount Blanc in France, the Associated Press reported. Jean-Marc Peillex, the mayor of Saint-Gervais, a town at the base of the mountain said Wednesday that five bodies have been recovered.

According to Meteorologist Robert Richards, "An impressive disturbance that has caused locally heavy rainfall with numerous lightning strikes" may have affected the hikers or interfered with rescue efforts.

August is the peak of hiking season in the Alps and climbing Europe's highest mountain (over 4,500 meters, 15,000 feet) is a popular goal for adventurers worldwide. Up to 400 people a day start their journey up the mountain.

Thunderstorms can develop on a daily basis in the summer months, but this weather setup was more organized with a strong area of low pressure passing by north of the region.

These unfortunate hikers are not the only ones to lose their lives this year attempting to scale the peak. In July, six other hikers perished and earlier this month two others also lost their lives.