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Cleveland: Cooler Air as Clouds, Storms Roll In

Unseasonably cooler air is in store for Cleveland this week as thunderstorms hit the area early in the week.

Usually near 80 F this time of year, Cleveland will see temperatures hovering in the low 70s. Temperatures could reach the 75 F mark in the beginning of the week but then will taper off at midweek.

Thunderstorms will rattle the area early in the week, but skies should be calm by midweek. Wednesday could see mostly cloudy skies before sunshine moves in before the weekend.

Overnight temperatures will fall considerably from the mid-60s early in the week to the mid-50s over the next several days. Overnight temperatures are usually in the upper 60s for this time of year.

After overnight thunderstorms and rain through Tuesday night, the nighttime sky should be clear into the weekend.

Tuesday's thunderstorms could be disruptive for fans heading to Progressive Field to catch the Indians play the Arizona Diamondbacks at 7:05 p.m. Those at the game should be on alert for the first sign of a storm and seek shelter upon hearing thunder or seeing lightning.