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Bertha's Remnants Bring Tornadoes, Flooding to Europe, UK

Although no longer a tropical system, remnants of former Hurricane Bertha slammed portions of the United Kingdom and Europe this past weekend.

Severe storms blasted portions of France and Belgium with a few of them producing dangerous tornadoes.

According to the European Severe Weather Database, five tornadoes were reported across France and Belgium on Sunday. One tornado near Marbay, Belgium injured four people.

Wind-driven rain also battered folks across the British Isles as the potent area of low pressure drove through the region late on Saturday through Sunday.

The strongest gusts ripped across areas along the coasts, but windy conditions extended inland as well.

At Aberporth, Wales, wind gusts topped 58 mph (93 kph). London Heathrow Airport recorded winds at 37 mph (59 kph).

Trees were brought down in communities and power outages were common as well.

According to the BBC, strong winds whipped through parts of East Yorkshire, bringing down trees and blocking roads.

Heavy rainfall filled up streets, causing many road closures and travel disruptions. Many locations received over 1 inch (25 mm) of rainfall, including Coningsby Royal Air Force Base which received 1.10 inches (27 mm).

Bertha became a hurricane east of the Bahamas on Aug. 4, weakening to a post-tropical system two days later. Upper-level winds steered it towards the British Isles this past weekend.