Heat Wave Grips the Northwest Early This Week

Temperatures will be soaring way above normal for the early part of the week before returning to typical August highs.

Following a stretch of days with afternoon highs near normal for this time in August, things will be heating up for the new week.

By Monday afternoon, temperatures will be well above the average highs. Many cities will have temperatures more than 10 degrees above normal, including Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Those who plan to spend time outside should try to limit time outdoors during the middle of the day when temperatures will be highest. If you can't do your outdoor activities early or late in the day, be sure to wear protective clothing and take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water.

These temperatures also will continue to fuel the wildfires burning across the West. Only a few spotty thunderstorms remain in the forecast through the week, mainly in the mountains. The lightning with these storms could even ignite new fires.

For the middle of the week, temperatures are expected to return closer to normal. A weak low pressure over the area could bring some more widespread showers and thunderstorms to parts of the interior Northwest.