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Flooding Rain Plagues Weekend for Mid-Atlantic, South

Persistent rain with the slow-moving system moving from the Tennessee Valley to the Carolinas this weekend will threaten flooding in places across the South.

The low pressure that has been slowly crawling across the center of the country will continue to fuel showers and thunderstorms across the South.

With humid conditions seeping up from the Gulf of Mexico and this system stalling out across the area, rainfall with the constant thunderstorms is expected to reach as high as 4 inches into Monday morning.

The areas most likely to have the most rain through the weekend are southern Virginia, North Carolina and northern South Carolina.

Substantial rainfall, totaling as much as 2 inches, is also expected into eastern parts of Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.

Throughout the early part of the new week, the low pressure will continue to move eastward, but unsettled weather is expected from the Midwest through the Southeast.