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Rain May Affect Play at PGA Championship

As the golfing world converges on Louisville, Kentucky, this week, rain is also taking aim on the region.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist John Gresiak, "Episodes of rain and thunderstorms are likely Thursday through Saturday."

While it will not rain the entire time during these days, there is the potential for drenching downpours and a couple of rather robust thunderstorms. Highs most days will be in the 80s.

A series of disturbances will roll southeastward along a stalled frontal zone from the central Plains to the Ohio Valley during the latter part of this week.

"Friday looks to be the worst day in terms of disruptions from rainfall and thunderstorms," Gresiak said.

Due to the frequency of showers and storms on Friday, temperatures much of the time will be in the 70s.

A shift in the frontal zone is forecast this weekend. A shift in the front by as little as 50 to 100 miles will make the difference between clouds and rain and some sunshine and dry weather.

"The weather on Sunday is likely to be the best for golf and the final round of the PGA Championship," Gresiak said.

The caboose in the train of disturbances is forecast to have moved by on Sunday, causing the rain to shift to the south and east.

Low clouds and fog could linger for a time in the morning on Sunday, before some sunshine breaks through later on for the final round.