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Drenching Storms Cross Country's Center

Another round of showers and thunderstorms will be bringing the chance for flooding across the center of the country through early Friday.

A low pressure system slowly moving out of the central Plains and into the Tennessee Valley will once again bring periods of showers and thunderstorms for the end of the week.

These storms have the potential to be heavy on Thursday across southern Iowa, northeastern Missouri and western Illinois. Some of these storms could produce torrential downpours, causing travel delays and flooding problems.

The corridor of heavier rain shifts to eastern Missouri and the central Mississippi River Valley into southern Illinois and Indiana for Thursday night. Again, these storms could be heavy enough to cause flooding problems throughout the night.

Thunderstorms could develop into slow-moving complexes, which will bring as much as 2 inches of rain in a matter of hours.

By Friday, the heaviest rain moves into Kentucky and the southern Appalachians and could cause locally heavy rainfall.

Although thunderstorms will spread from the northern Plains to Florida on Friday, these storms are not expected to be severe.