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Hurricane Iselle to Impact Hawaii This Week

Hurricane Iselle, churning in the eastern Pacific will make its way towards the Hawaiian Islands later this week, bringing heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas.

Although Iselle is currently a well organized Category 3 hurricane, it is expected to weaken over the next several days and become a tropical storm before reaching the islands.

Even as a tropical storm, Iselle will still pack a punch. Those on the islands should prepare for flooding rain and wind gusts past 40 mph.

The Big Island of Hawaii will be the first to feel the impacts from Iselle as it is forecast to reach the island by Thursday night, local time.

The exact track of the storm has yet to be determined, but it appears as though the center of circulation will pass just north of the Big Island of Hawaii and then closer to some of the smaller islands, such as Maui or Oahu.

It is even possible that it could make landfall on one of the islands before the end of the week.

Residents and vacationers alike should check the surf conditions throughout the week as the approaching storm may cause rough surf and rip currents.

Due to the projected track of the storm, areas on the northern and eastern portions of the islands will likely feel greater effects than the southern and western sides.

However, if the projected path of the storm shifts, Iselle could make a direct hit on the Big Island.

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