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Heat Replaced by Storms in Eastern Europe

The recent hot weather across much of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania will come to an end Tuesday as a cold front moving in from the west will become stationary across central Poland through Hungary.

Recent record high temperatures were set across Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

This front will knock temperatures down by 5-8 C (10-15 F). This air mass will feel quite refreshing to many after the recent hot stretch, but it comes with a cost.

Thunderstorms will become numerous on Tuesday and will likely be traveling over the same areas, which will enhance the chance for flash flooding from any heavier storms.

The areas with the greatest threat for flash flooding on Tuesday include eastern Poland and far western parts of Belarus and Ukraine.

Moving through the rest of the week, the front will remained stalled over the area which will continue to fuel daily thunderstorms.

By Wednesday, the threat for flash flooding will stretch from western Bulgaria and eastern Serbia northward through eastern Hungary and western Romania. The threat will also exist from Poland and western Ukraine northward through western Lithuania and Latvia.

The risk for flooding will increase daily as the storms will likely travel over areas that received rainfall the previous day.