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Barrow, Alaska Sees First Sunset Since May

For the first time since May 9, the sun has set over Barrow, Alaska.

Beginning May 10, the sun remained up all day, keeping the town in continual light until to 1:44 a.m. local time today, according to the National Weather Service.

The reason that Barrow experiences the periods of continual light is due to their close location to the North Pole. As the Earth revolves on its axis, Barrow is turned toward the sun and remains light until the revolution of the Earth turns Barrow away from the sun.

While last summer saw unusually warm temperatures in Barrow, this year it has been cooler with temperatures about 2.4 degrees below average, according to Meteorologist Randy Adkins.

Temperatures will remain below normal for the next several days with a high of 40 F on Sunday, with low clouds and a high of 41 on Monday with occasional rain and drizzle.

Normal high temperatures for this time of year in Barrow are around 46 F. By midweek, conditions will improve with temperatures in the upper 40s and plenty of sunshine.