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Heat Builds in Warsaw, Moscow This Weekend

Temperatures in central and eastern Europe continue to build this weekend, soaring as high as 10 degrees Celsius above normal.

High pressure holding steady in northwestern Russia continues to usher in warm air for countries in eastern Europe. A central core of the warmest temperatures, both Saturday and Sunday, will encompass Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and western Russia.

Each afternoon, temperatures will reach into the 30s C (90s in Fahrenheit) for the cities of Kiev, Warsaw and Moscow. Sunshine and dry weather is expected to persist throughout the weekend.

Further to the west, temperatures will also be rising above the norm. For Slovakia and northern Austria into central Germany, Czech Republic and western Poland, temperatures will be at least 5 degree Celcius (10 -15 degrees Fahrenheit) above the norm for the start of August.

Showers and thunderstorms each day in these areas will help the temperature to stay closer to average.

The extreme heat is expected to continue into Monday in eastern Europe. However, showers and thunderstorms continue to move eastward across the continent finally reach the hottest areas Tuesday and Wednesday. For the middle of the week, it will be cooler, but still above average with temperatures in the upper 20s Celsius (lower 80s Fahrenheit).