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Landslide Claims More Than 20 Lives in India

More than 20 people have died after a landslide on Wednesday in Ambegaon village, Pune district of the Maharashtra state of India.

Heavy rainfall has slowed down rescue work in the western Indian area, India's National Disaster Response Force and Civil Defense said on its website.

Up to 200 more people may be trapped as a result of the landslide, The Associated Press reported.

More than 5.3 inches of rain fell on Wednesday in Mumbai, the nearest weather observation point about 90 km (56 miles) east of Ambegaon, Meteorologist Erik Pindrock said.

"Given the monsoon comes into Mumbai on southwest to west-southwest winds, it is a reasonable assumption that heavy rain also played a factor with this landslide," Pindrock said.

As moisture goes into the mountains, the air rises and condenses, Pindrock said.

"It squeezes the atmosphere and more rain comes out," he said.

A landslide expert told The Times of India that cultivation and the uprooting of trees on the hillside also were responsible for the landslide.