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Heavy Rain Eyes Jacksonville to NYC, Boston This Weekend

Trouble is brewing for people with outdoor plans and travel along the Atlantic coast this weekend in the form of drenching rain and thunderstorms.

The same system responsible for drenching rain and isolated flooding over Colorado and New Mexico earlier this week will swing up and get strung out along the Atlantic Seaboard this weekend.

People heading to the beach, ballgames, outdoor concerts and other activities should be prepared for episodes of rain and isolated thunderstorms.

The rain is forecast to develop in a swath from Louisiana and Florida, northeastward to New England as the weekend progresses.

The heaviest rain will be concentrated from the I-95 corridor to the beaches, where a couple of inches may fall from Friday through Sunday. The rain will be heavy enough to slow travel by way of poor visibility and incidents of urban flooding in the corridor.

According to Northeast Weather Expert Dave Dombek, "It will not rain the entire weekend along the I-95 corridor but toward the beaches the rain is likely to be be more frequent."

Cities from Jacksonville, Florida, to Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Wilmington, Delaware; Philadelphia; New York City and Boston will be affected by one or two rounds of drenching rain.

Some showers will also occur farther west over the Appalachians with showers and thunderstorms along the central Gulf Coast, from New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama, and Tampa, Florida.

"We suspect there will be a second band of steadier rain or a zone of drenching downpours somewhere between the Appalachians and the Tennessee and Ohio valleys but the exact position of that is uncertain at this time," Dombek said.

Areas from Birmingham, Alabama, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will be unsettled at times.

Moisture will be thrown in from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, which can enhance the rainfall in some areas.

The system from the Southwest and extra moisture will be funneled in between a building area of high pressure over the Atlantic and a southward dip in steering winds centered over the Midwest.

Since winds aloft will be aligned with winds near the surface, the swath of moisture will stall over the weekend from the upper Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Seaboard.

Some of the storms over central and northern Florida have the potential to be strong this weekend.

According to Southern Weather Expert Dan Kottlowski, "A southeasterly flow of air will develop and allow storms to build as they move northwestward over Florida this weekend."

"The rainy pattern this weekend will mark another transition from the unseasonably cool weather this week to a warmer and more humid pattern next week," Dombek added.