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Periods of Heavy Rain Precede Chill Across France, Italy

Heavy rain will aim for eastern France, southern Germany and northern Italy early this week.

An area of low pressure will dive down into eastern France, southern Germany and northern Italy on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Expect numerous showers and thunderstorms to develop, some of them heavy at times. Flooding can result, especially in low lying and poor drainage areas across this region of Europe.

Rainfall amounts of an inch or two can be expected in the heaviest of the rainfall across southeastern France, southern Germany and the Alps.

Cities that can be affected by this are Lyon, France and Milan, Italy. Also, Munich and Nuremberg, Germany will also be under the influence of this storm system.

Behind the storm, temperatures will become cooler across southern France on Tuesday. Many places will average 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit (2-6 degree Celsius) below average due to the unseasonably cool air mass.

The cooler air will push eastward into northern parts of Italy on Wednesday. Locations like Milan will see temperatures a solid 5-10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of the year.

The low pressure will continue heading eastward on Wednesday, causing heavier rain for parts of Eastern Europe. This will allow for eastern France and northern Italy to become generally dry for the middle of the week.