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Wali to Increase Rainfall, Raise Flood Risk Over Hawaii

While Wali will weaken over the weekend, the tropical system will spread some heavy rainfall into portions of the Hawaiian Islands by early next week.

Wali is forecast to to slowly weaken over cooler waters this weekend southeast of Hawaii, but will bring an uptick in humidity levels and eventually shower activity into early next week.

According to Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, "While Wali poses no threat from strong winds, it will bring the risk of flash flooding."

Most of the rainfall will occur over the northeastward- and eastward-facing shoreline of the islands and will be filtered out by the mountains, but some stray storms can occur elsewhere.

According to Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydnynowski, "The combination of Wali's moisture and a weak system moving westward in front of Wali will kick up drenching downpours and locally strong thunderstorms."

The rainfall will ramp up over the islands later Sunday into Monday.

Since the system is relatively weak and is forecast to get weaker, it is unlikely to bring a substantial increase in wave action. However, inexperienced bathers and boarders should exercise caution this weekend into early next week as swells propagate outward from the storm.