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VIDEO: Flash Flooding Prompts Water Rescues, Halts Travel From Colorado to Texas

Days of soggy weather and rounds of storms have prompted massive, swift-moving flash flooding in portions of Colorado and Texas late this week.

"A storm system that has been riding along the bottom of the big dip in the jet stream that is in place across the eastern two-thirds of the United States is responsible for the flooding problems across Colorado and then the growing danger across Texas and southern Oklahoma," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Krissy Pydynowski.

Combining with moisture along the Rockies, the system unleashed torrential rain over portions of central Colorado late Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Colorado Springs picked up nearly 0.78 of an inch of rain Wednesday," Pydynowski said.

Across the region, the rain inundated roadways, neighborhoods and rivers, causing monumental flash flooding, hindering travel and endangering lives.

Rain, while still lingering over the area, will not be as severe over the coming days.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Joe Lundberg, "the precipitation in the coming days will be limited in scope, and almost exclusively scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms through the weekend and into next week."

He explained that heat will continue to build and temperatures will approach the 90s over the weekend and into next week.

As the system moved southeastward, rain began pouring on portions of northeastern Texas late Wednesday. Parts of the region had already received more than 8 inches of rain by Thursday morning. In the Valley View area, including Cooke, Denton, Wise, Decatur and Denton counties, significant flooding ensued Thursday.

With the ongoing drought across this area of Texas, flooding is likely to persist due to the sheer lack of water present in the ground.

"As the rain initially falls, because the ground is like a rock, it has a difficult time absorbing the rain," Pydynowski said.

Multiple water rescues were made Thursday morning by law enforcement, as residents and pedestrians became stranded or stuck on flooded roadways.

Flash flooding along highways in the area prompted the closing of I-35, north and south, and Highway 287 in the area.

Area residents and visitors are advised to use extreme caution and never drive through running water on the roadway. Flooding is likely to continue through at least Friday morning.

"The flood issues that we are seeing for the Dallas area are just the beginning as the Dallas area will continue to ensure periods of heavy rain and a couple of thunderstorms through tonight," Pydynowski said. "The heaviest rain will push east tomorrow, but a shower or thunderstorm will still be around."