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PHOTOS: Arizona Flooding Triggered by Start of Monsoon Season

Monsoon season brought heightened storms to Arizona Tuesday night, including intense flooding to Quartzsize, roughly 130 miles west of Phoenix.

The Quartzsize Fire and Rescue Department reported that RVs and double wide trailers overturned and multiple cars had to be rescued from flooded roads. Parts of the town lost power as well.

Even with small amounts of rain, significant flooding can still occur.

According to Senior AccuWeather Meteorologist Ken Clark, almost any Arizona area is susceptible to flash flooding with monsoon season in swing.

"Fueled by a tropical feed of moisture, thunderstorms where they do occur can drop a lot of rain in a short period of time. Usually dry washes can fill up very quickly with rapidly running water that rises quickly," he said. "There even can be flash flooding far away from the actual source of the thunderstorms producing the downpours."

Though the floods caused property damage, no injuries were reported.

A rainbow springs out of dark skies following strong storms that brought flooding to La Paz County, Arizona. (Photo/Quartzsize Fire and Rescue)

Officials capture the flooding during their survey after the storm. (Photo/Quartzsize Fire and Rescue)