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Storms to Erupt from New York to Arkansas Tuesday

Severe thunderstorms will erupt over the Northeast and Ohio Valley on Tuesday, impacting over a dozen states.

Tuesday's storms are expected to become more violent than those that developed on Monday as a powerful cold front blasts through the regions.

Thunderstorms that develop ahead of this front during the afternoon will bring the potential for damaging winds, large hail and possibly even a few tornadoes.

According to Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski, "The afternoon and evening hours are when the strongest thunderstorms will rumble and threaten to cause some damage and hazards to residents."

Syracuse and Albany, New York; Pittsburgh; Cincinnati; Louisville, Kentucky; and Springfield , Missouri, are a few cities in the path of these storms as they develop and track eastward headed into the evening.

Moisture getting drawn in from the south will help to fuel blinding downpours which can result in localized flooding.

Downpours of this nature can make it difficult for drivers as the heavy rain could cause water to pond on roadways and lead to a heightened risk of hydroplaning.

If you come across a flooded roadway, you should avoid driving through it. The water may turn out to be deeper than you think and the current can be strong enough to move your vehicle.

Thunderstorms are forecast to reach the I-95 corridor on Tuesday night, but will likely lose many, if not all, of their severe characteristics.

There is still the chance though that a thunderstorm could kick up some stronger wind gusts or heavy downpours for a period as they roll into cities such as Philadelphia and New York City.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, showers and thunderstorms are forecast to dot the Northeast and Ohio Valley, but will not be nearly as powerful as those on Tuesday.

People from Boston to Washington, D.C. may want to keep the umbrella handy throughout the day as a quick shower or thunderstorm can dampen outdoor activities.