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INFOGRAPHIC: Typhoon Neoguri Lashes Japan

The first super typhoon of the season, Neoguri, continues to threaten areas of Japan as it weakens the closer it gets to land.

Neoguri intensified into a super typhoon early Monday morning local time (Sunday afternoon EDT). Winds peaked at 250 kph (155 mph) before the typhoon began to weaken.

Residents and visitors in the path of this dangerous cyclone should already be taking the necessary preparations and heed all evacuation orders. The Associated Press reported early Tuesday morning that nearly 539,000 people were advised to evacuate their homes.

The life-threatening and devastating impacts will gradually taper off across Okinawa late Tuesday night. Meanwhile, dangerous conditions are expected across the northern Ryukyu Islands and southern Kyushu into Wednesday as the cyclone moves northward.

Heavy rains with the storm could bring damaging flooding to coastal areas. Mudslides are also a concern.