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Tour de France Stage 3 Threatened by Showers

The Tour de France, which started in England this year, will spend one more day across the English Channel on Monday before heading back to its home country. The weather has held up so far this tour, despite the threat for showers to dampen the course.

The threat for showers will continue on Monday with an upper-level storm system in the region, however, it appears as though the air will not contain enough moisture to bring widespread activity.

The stage, starting in Cambridge will head southeast to Chelmsfold, before turning to the southwest on their way to London, where the stage will finish at Buckingham Palace.

On a windier day this stage could have posed more difficulties to the teams, instead, with a gentle southwesterly breeze, the wind should be of little issue. The wind, expected to be out of the southwest at 10-20 kph (6-12 mph), would need to be stronger to lead to a change in tactics by the teams.

The stage will depart from Cambridge just after noon, when it should be 19-degrees Celsius (67-degrees Fahrenheit). The temperatures will peak at around 22-degrees Celsius mid-route, before arriving in London to a temperature only a degree or two cooler. There is still the threat for showers along the course, which could create dangerous conditions for the riders.

When the Tour returns to France on Tuesday, the weather is expected to be very similar.

In fact, overall the current outlook for the remainder of the Tour looks settled until at least the last week of the race, if not for its entirety. If the race were currently in the Alps, they would be fighting the weather. A cold front is bringing rain an thunderstorms to the southeast, where a few of the races most important stages take place.