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Threat of Rain as World Cup Continues

As the World Cup enters the Quarter-finals, the threat of rain will return to the northern city of Salvadore.

The Saturday match up between Netherlands and Costa Rica could be impacted by showers, with downpours possible.

A surge of moisture from the Atlantic will approach on Saturday leading to a mixture of clouds and sunshine along with passing showers. Any of these showers will be capable of producing heavy downpours which could impact the outcome of the match.

Weather could play a more minor factor in Friday's match up between Brazil and Colombia set in Fortaleza. Downpours which are possible on Friday will be out of the area, but heat and humidity will remain.

Temperatures at the start of the match will be near 82 F (28 C) with dew points in the lower 70s F (21-23C). This combination will make it feel like it is near 90 F (32 C), especially early in the match.

Sunshine and seasonably warm temperatures are expected in the other two matches taking place in Rio de Janiero and Brasilia.