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Severe Weather, Tornadoes Take Aim at Midwest

Severe storms will focus around the Midwest heading into the new week with thunderstorms eventually reaching the Northeast.

Those looking to spend the second half of the weekend in the outdoors from Wisconsin through eastern Nebraska should prepare for the severe weather as thunderstorms ramp up during the afternoon and evening hours.

"The impacts of the storms will be damaging winds, hail, heavy rain and tornadoes." said Severe Weather Expert Henry Margusity.

Southern Iowa and northern Missouri appear to be the areas at greatest risk of being slammed by these severe storms on Sunday afternoon and the areas most likely to have significant tornadoes.

Sunday will be only the first of a multiple-day severe-weather outbreak over the Midwest.

"The storms will sweep through and impact cities from Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis Monday and Monday night, then will move into Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh on Tuesday." said Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

Similar to the storms on Sunday, damaging winds, hail, flooding downpours and even a few tornadoes should be expected on Monday and Tuesday with Monday being the more active of the two days.

The timing of these storms can lead to high impacts around the major travel hubs in the Midwest on Monday and Tuesday.

Evening commutes can turn treacherous as torrential downpours significantly reduce visibility for those driving on the roadways, as well as increase the risk of hydroplaning.

Those headed to the airports should also prepare for delays not only because of the extreme weather, but also the higher volume of travelers for the Independence Day week.

As storms roll through, temporary ground stops may be put in place at major airports such as O'Hare International in Chicago. This can backup flight departures through the rest of the day as airplanes become backed up on the tarmac.

Wind gusts associated with the storms will also lead to power outages and property damage as they are expected to be strong enough to blow over trees and power poles.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast for much of the Northeast as the storm system continues to shift eastward.

However, severe weather on Wednesday is not expected to be as widespread as Monday and Tuesday as the system responsible for the thunderstorms weakens.

Soaking downpours will still be possible which can lead to urban flooding.