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Minneapolis, Omaha in Path of Weekend Storms

Severe storms will continue to rattle portions of the Plains this weekend with the highest risk centering on Minnesota and Iowa.

Howling winds and hard-hitting hail will take aim at Minneapolis; Des Moines, Iowa; and Omaha, Nebraska, both on Saturday and Sunday, impacting any outdoor events around the cities.

Lives and property can be at risk as these storms slam the Plains and even a few areas of the Midwest.

Travel delays should also be expected as these storms move through with slowed traffic on roadways and flight delays at the airports.

Flash flooding will be another danger that these thunderstorms bring, especially due to the abnormally high rainfall amounts that have fallen over this area in June.

Because of this, urban flooding can happen much quicker with the ground already saturated with water.

"Low-lying areas not protected by levees, such as farmland, homes, businesses and some roadways, are being inundated as river levels surpass flood stage." said Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

Several inches of rain are possible through Sunday across areas of the upper Mississippi River Valley, only extending the flooding into July.

Looking ahead to the start of the new week, the threat of severe weather is forecast to shift eastward across the Midwest and towards the mid-Atlantic.

"The storms will sweep through and impact cities from Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis Monday and Monday night, then will move into Detroit, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh on Tuesday." said Sosnowski.

Damaging wind gusts past 60 mph and hail as large as golf balls will still remain the primary threats with thunderstorms as they progressively make their way towards the Northeast.