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Storms to Batter the Plains Through Friday

Rounds of severe weather are in store for the Plains through the rest of the week, impacting areas from Montana to Texas and eastward toward Iowa.

Following a dry start to the day, severe thunderstorms will ignite over the High Plains Thursday afternoon, threatening the same area that was impacted by severe weather on Wednesday.

Thunderstorms are forecast to initially fire east of I-25 and produce large hail and damaging winds as they track eastward across the Plains heading into Thursday night.

The highest impacts from these storms will likely come as they develop during the late afternoon, affecting evening commutes and outdoor events.

Storms of this nature can develop quickly and move in with little warning, catching people off guard.

If you are in the Plains and plan on spending time outdoors Thursday afternoon, you should keep an eye to the sky and know where to seek shelter if one of these storms hits your area.

Keep in mind that lightning can reach out and strike objects several miles away with objects in open fields being more vulnerable of being struck.

Friday will feature another round of severe weather, this time focusing on the northern Plains and even portions of southern Manitoba.

Severe storms that develop Friday afternoon are expected to become more violent than those on Thursday, bringing the additional risk of tornadoes.

Moisture getting drawn in from the Gulf of Mexico will also help to fuel torrential downpours which can lead to localized flooding.

"Some of the storms will bring downpours to areas that have received excessive rainfall earlier this month." said Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

"It is in areas from northern Nebraska to Iowa, eastern South Dakota, Minnesota and western Wisconsin that are at an elevated risk of new flooding as a result. With the downpours forecast toward the end of the month, some locations may end up with over a foot of rain for June and this has the Mississippi River on the rise."

Looking ahead to the weekend, severe weather is expected to diminish across the Plains, but will not be absent.

Some stronger thunderstorms are in the forecast around Minnesota both Saturday and Sunday, impacting cities such as Minneapolis; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Fargo, North Dakota.

Downpours from these storms will only add to the monthly rainfall totals across this area, extending the flooding concerns in this area through the end of June.