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Six Recipes to Satisfy Your Summer Cravings

As we get deeper into summer, temperatures will rise and many will crave refreshing summer recipes.

However, as ongoing droughts, temperature swings, plant-borne diseases and invasive insects continue to take a toll on several sought-after summer foods, including avocados, limes, honey, bananas, chocolate and coffee beans, we provide some alternatives to some classic summer recipes.

1. Avocados

Commonly used as a prime ingredient in guacamoles and salsas, the ongoing drought in the fruit's largest supplying state, California, has jeopardized the alligator pear's future.

However, jalapeños and broccoli can provide viable substitutes for the fruit.

Combining hummus, crumbled cheese, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cilantro and jalapeños can give everyday chefs a healthy, layered hummus dip to serve with tortilla chips instead of salsa.

As another option to replace guacamole, a new kind of dip called broccomole can swap out the traditional chip-dipping sauce. With broccoli as the main ingredient, this creamy, low-calorie dish is also easy to make.

2. Limes

Excess rain in Mexico, root rot and crop disease have all led to soaring prices and decreased supplies of limes this year. As restaurants try to battle the lime shortage, offering discounted drinks for those who donate the fruit, other concoctions can yield tasty alternatives to the customary margarita.

With lemons as the main fruit ingredient, the Rick Bayless' Meyer lemon margarita is created using lemons, lemon juice, Meyer lemon tequila and simple syrup, as well as blue agave tequila to produce its rich, zesty flare.

For something with a less tart flavor, try Sauza Tequila's "Blooming Berry-rita," composed with blueberries, cranberry juice, raspberry schnapps and tequila.

3. Honey

As a typical ingredient in the Turkish dessert known as Baklava, maple syrup or agave nectar are possible alternatives to the honey element of the pastry.

The combination of maple syrup, sugar and corn syrup can give bakers another culinary option for the sweet nectar. However, sugar and agave nectar can also help dessert-makers avoid the increasing costs of honey.

4. Bananas

Widely used to make homemade banana bread, other fruits like blueberries can be substituted to make a breakfast special.

Made with eggs, sugar, milk, flour, blueberries and walnuts if desired, blueberry bread is a comparable alternative for families looking to bake the classic banana bread.

5. Chocolate

Commonly bought during the summertime for the campfire favorite, S'mores, peanut butter and white chocolate are possible replacements for the chocolate put between graham crackers and marshmallows.

In the absence of a bonfire, s'mores can be recreated in the kitchen as cake bars using boxed cake mix, graham crackers, white chocolate chips, marshmallows and condensed milk.

6. Coffee

Known for its mascarpone, coffee and ladyfingers composition, tiramisu may be pricey to make this season as coffee prices climb due to drought in Brazil and fungus infections in Central America.

While there may be no replacement for the Italian coffee-flavored dessert, an English Trifle may give those in the kitchen a different option. Using raspberry jam, fresh raspberries, heavy cream, sugar, sponge cake and almonds, in three hours this dessert can become a reality.

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