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Midweek Soaking Storms Target DC, NYC, Boston

Gone by midweek will be the dry and comfortably low humidity kicking off the new week along the Northeast's I-95 corridor.

Higher humidity will instead return by midweek and set the stage for numerous and some drenching thunderstorms.

Those with yard or field work, sporting events, hiking/walking plans or any other outdoor activity should take advantage of the dry weather that will persist through Tuesday.

Remember that even when high humidity and heat are absent, the sun's rays this time of year are still harmful to unprotected skin and eyes.

Not all of the Northeast will be dry to start the week.

An uptick in humidity will allow a shower or thunderstorm to dot Pittsburgh and the rest of the central Appalachians Monday afternoon and night.

The sticky air will then encompass more of the mid-Atlantic, eastern Great Lakes and even northward to the St. Lawrence Valley on Tuesday.

While rising in Washington, D.C., and New York City, humidity will remain pleasantly low in Boston and Portland, Maine.

Thunderstorms will stretch across the interior on Tuesday. The concern for drenching and gusty thunderstorms is greatest across the eastern Great Lakes and upper Ohio Valley.

Cities at risk for the heavier thunderstorms on Tuesday include Pittsburgh; Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit; Buffalo and Watertown, New York; and Toronto, Ontario.

Dry weather is expected to hold along the I-95 corridor. However, spotty afternoon thunderstorms will come close to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore -- rattling the northern and western suburbs.

Wednesday is when the doors will open for higher humidity to pour across the entire Northeast's I-95 corridor as drenching thunderstorms return.

The second half of Wednesday is likely to be more active than the morning, potentially meaning a slow commute home from work with possible flight delays. Baseball games at Oriole Park in Baltimore, Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and Citi Field in New York City could face delays.

Humidity should quickly lower across the Northeast on Thursday, but later in the week will feature a battle between storms approaching from the Midwest and the more comfortable and dry air.