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World Cup: Thunderstorms, Heat to Threaten Play Sunday

The United States will play their second match of the World Cup on Sunday in Manaus, which is located squarely in the Amazon rainforest.

The game will be held at 6:00 p.m. EDT, and as you can guess by the city's location, the main weather concern will come from heat and the possibility of a thunderstorm.

Temperatures will be near 80 F (27 C) to start the game, but very high humidity will make it feel more like 90 F (32 C). As has been the case in other games, heat stoppages could be used if the referees feel the conditions warrant a break for the players.

The other concern will be the looming threat for a shower or thunderstorm across the area. The best chance of any rain will be early in the game.

The two other games across Brazil that will be played will feature drier and less uncomfortable game conditions.

Belgium will play Russia at noon EDT in Rio de Janeiro. The temperature at the start of the game will be around 75 F (24 C). Humidity, while noticeable, will not be nearly as high as in Manaus, and temperatures will only feel like closer to 80 F (27 C).

Conditions will also be dry in Rio de Janeiro, with mostly sunny weather prevailing throughout the game.

Sunday's other game will feature South Korea playing Algeria at 3:00 p.m. EDT in Porto Alegre. This will arguably be the most comfortable game of the day.

Temperatures at the start of the game will be around 72 F (22 C) along with low humidity and partly sunny skies with no threat of rain.