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Minneapolis: Flooding Risk to Continue as Heavy Rain Returns

Drenching showers and thunderstorms will continue to affect and raise flooding concerns around the Minneapolis area into next week.

The city had its rainiest June day on June 19 with 4.13 inches. It broke a 137-year-old record that was established on June 29, 1877, with 2.44 inches of rain.

As of June 21, 2014, the city has received 10.76 inches of rain which is nearly 4 times their normal rainfall for the month to date.

The heavy rain caused a landslide near West Bank campus of the University of Minnesota Medical Center this past week.

Showers and storms are forecast kick up in intensity Sunday, which will increase the risk of flash and urban flooding, while continuing high stream and river levels.

The potential for showers and thunderstorms will continue into next week, but storms may be more spotty in nature Monday and Tuesday.

Because of the saturated state of the ground, any downpour has the potential to cause flash flooding at the local level.