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Severe Storms to Threaten Mid-Atlantic, Central US Thursday

Locally severe thunderstorms will affect areas over the Plains, Upper Midwest and mid-Atlantic into Thursday evening.

While severe weather will not be as widespread as recent days, the storms have the potential to bring frequent lightning strikes, damaging wind gusts, hail and flash flooding.

The strongest storms in Iowa, eastern Kansas, southern Minnesota, northwestern Missouri and southeastern Nebraska can produce a short-lived tornado.

The storms over the Plains and Upper Midwest are part of a very slow-moving system centered well to the northwest in Montana and neighboring Canada.

Cities at the greatest risk for locally damaging thunderstorms include Minneapolis; Des Moines, Iowa; Kansas City, Missouri; Wichita, Kansas; Omaha, Nebraska; Washington, D.C.; Richmond, Virginia; and Dover, Delaware.

The storms in the mid-Atlantic are occurring ahead of cooler air expanding southward from Canada.

Areas experiencing the most frequent downpours, such as Minnesota, northern Iowa, southwestern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, have an elevated risk of flooding. From Monday to Thursday morning, a significant part of this area has received between 3 and 6 inches of rain with locally higher amounts.

The pockets of severe weather and flooding are part of a broad area of showers and thunderstorms reaching from the Central states to the mid-Atlantic. Storms more spotty in nature will continue to affect the South as well.

Other cities that will experience rain at least part of the time, travel delays and disruptions to outdoor activities into Thursday night, include Chicago, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City and Baltimore.