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PHOTOS: Multi-Vortex Tornadoes, Flooding Ravage South Dakota

Apart of a multi-day severe weather outbreak across the Plains and Midwest, a tornado plowed through the central part of the small South Dakota town of Wessington Springs on Wednesday night.

With a population of nearly 1,000 residents, the twister charged through the town, destroying local businesses, leveling multiple homes and leaving one person injured in its wake.

Luckily, the community's tornado alarms sounded several times prior to the outbreak, giving most residents ample time to get to the city's emergency shelter in the courthouse basement, according to the Associated Press.

Late Wednesday night, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard activated more than 100 South Dakota National Guardsmen to assist the Wessington Springs community in cleanup efforts.

Aside from the Wessington Springs twister, tornadoes also spun up in other places across the state, including Woonsocket, Alpena and Forestburg. In addition to the tornadoes, much of the region endured widespread flooding as storms brought heavy rains to the area.

Although this week has been an active week for severe weather across the region, this weekend will bring additional storm threats to the central Plains. The area will be at risk for large hail, damaging winds and possibly more tornadoes.

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