Heat Building for World Cup Friday

The combination of heat and humidity will be uncomfortable at times for both players and fans in a pair of World Cup matches slated for Friday.

Matches taking place in Recife (Italy vs. Costa Rica) and Salvador (Switzerland vs. France) will force the competitors to deal with the hottest conditions of the day with Accuweather RealFeel® temperatures near 90 degrees.

It remains an option for heat breaks to be issued during matches at referees' discretion.

While the heat will be the biggest concern during the matches, showers are also possible. Any showers could briefly bring relief from the heat; however, playing conditions could quickly deteriorate if any downpours occur.

The third match of the day, taking place in Curitiba during the evening, will take place in the lowest temperatures of the World Cup thus far. Temperatures will be in only the low 50s F (11 C) with mostly cloudy skies and even some patchy drizzle.