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Downpours Again a Threat at World Cup Wednesday

Three more matches are set for Wednesday ranging from coastal Rio de Janeiro to Manaus in the Amazon.

The biggest weather concern of the day will be the match between Cameroon and Croatia, set to take place in Manaus during the evening. There will be a threat for showers, potentially even a heavy downpour during the match.

Another concern will be the combination of warmth and humidity that will make it feel quite sweltering at times for both participants and fans, despite the fact that the game is being played in the evening.

The other two matches, set to take place in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, will feature dry weather with partial sunshine.

The match in Rio de Janeiro between Spain and Chile will also force competitors to deal with sweltering heat and humidity. While unlikely to result in any heat breaks, the option remains available at referee discretion.

The match between Australia and Netherlands, taking place in Porto Alegre, will occur with seasonable temperatures.