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Powerful Storms Return Monday to Minneapolis, Omaha

Two days after severe thunderstorms rocked the Plains and Midwest, another round of severe weather is expected to kick off what looks like a stormy week in the Heartland.

Lower humidity allowed for comfortable temperatures on Sunday across the region, but moisture will return on Monday and provide fuel for intense thunderstorms from afternoon to nighttime.

Some storms can contain damaging winds and large hail across the threat area. Isolated tornadoes can occur with the most intense thunderstorms.

The ground is already saturated in some areas from recent heavy rainfall and additional downpours can cause more flooding.

Several rivers are already above flood stage and are still rising as a result of 4 to 7 inches of rain that fell since late last week. Any additional rain will only exacerbate the problem.

The Omaha, Nebraska, area has experienced several rounds of severe thunderstorms this month, most recently this past Saturday night with wind gusts over 50 mph from thunderstorms that rolled through.

High winds from thunderstorms knocked down trees and caused power outages in the Minneapolis area this past Saturday.

More damage to trees and power outages can occur as a result of these thunderstorms. Some roads may become impassable as a result of flooding, which will cause travel delays.

Des Moines, Iowa, could be impacted later in the day on Monday and thunderstorms could reach Madison, Wisconsin, on Monday night.

Day three of the College World Series in Omaha will feature a game in the afternoon and evening. Thunderstorms could cause a delay in one or both contests.

More rough weather is expected into the middle of this week.

Waves of thunderstorms will traverse areas from the Plains to the Northeast on Tuesday and Wednesday along a frontal boundary.

Thunderstorms, some strong to severe, are a threat both days. Flooding could become a concern if multiple thunderstorms with heavy rainfall track over the same area.