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Severe Storms Sunday From Chicago to Oklahoma City

The same storm system that brought severe thunderstorms to the central Plains on Saturday and Saturday night will move into the Midwest and southern Plains on Sunday.

Thunderstorms will impact areas from Minnesota and Wisconsin to western Texas.

Some storms will contain large hail, damaging winds and heavy rain that can lead to flash flooding. While the risk for tornadoes is low, these storms could spawn an isolated tornado.

Chicago, St. Louis, Missouri, and Oklahoma City are some of the locations that could be impacted.

There will likely be disruptions to outdoor activities on this Father's Day because of these storms and folks should be prepared to seek shelter if threatening weather approaches.

Weather delays are possible during the baseball game between the Royals and White Sox, which will take place on the south side of Chicago on Sunday afternoon. The series finale between the Nationals and Cardinals in St. Louis on Sunday afternoon could be affected as well.

Powerful winds from these intense storms can knock down trees and power lines causing power outages.

Roads can become flooded due to heavy rainfall and cause travel delays.

Thunderstorms will tend to weaken later on Sunday night as they move into Michigan, Indiana, southern Illinois and southern Missouri.

Places like Detroit, Michigan, and Indianapolis, Indiana, can have a thunderstorm late on Sunday night, but are not expected to contain high winds by the time they reach those cities.

Another round of severe thunderstorms will impact parts of the Plains and Midwest on Monday, including portions of South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa. Omaha, Nebraska, could again experience damaging winds and large hail.