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Hagibis Aims for Hong Kong, China

Tropical Depression 07W that has been churning in the northern parts of the South China Sea has developed into Tropical Storm Hagibis. Hagibis is located over 200 miles to the east-southeast of Hong Kong and will continue to move very slowly northward over the next day.

Hagibis is expected to strengthen to a medium tropical storm with sustained winds reaching 55 mph with gusts over 60 mph early on Sunday afternoon, local time, as it continues to move north-northwestward over the warm waters of the northern South China Sea.

But by early Sunday afternoon, Hagibis will be less than 100 miles from the coastline of the Guangdong province of China. Hagibis is expected to make landfall late on Sunday night or early on Monday morning local time, between Hong Kong and Quanzhou, China.

As Hagibis makes landfall though, it will be in the process of weakening, nevertheless, it will bring damaging winds near its center, rough seas and light-to-moderate storm surge east of the track.

Hagibis will also bring heavy rain to Hong Kong and the Guangdong and Fujian provinces where upwards of 2-4 inches of rain is likely with locally higher amounts. This will lead to flash flooding, especially in poor drainage and low lying areas.

Hagibis will continue to weaken during the day on Monday as it begins to turn to the northeast across the Fujian province.